Help! My Church won’t accept him

Hello meg, my church won’t accept him, what do I do? First, I must say that I appreciate and I have learnt a lot from your page on relationships and more. I am 35 years old and a member of Jehovah’s witnesses

Should I go ahead? We are both AS.

Dear Meg, our genotype doesn’t match. My fiance and I are so in love with each other but I discovered our genotype is the problem. We were supposed to settle down since last year and have been praying for a miracle. He’s

Help! He is a gay

Hello Meg, please help my fiancé is a gay. I need a solution to this nightmare because I can’t believe what I saw and I can’t talk to my family about it, at least not yet till I’m sure. My fiancé and

Help!!! He won’t send me to school

Hello Meg, Help!!! He won’t send me to school. After my secondary education, I got married to my husband at 19 because my family wasn’t doing well and he promised my parents that he will send me to school. After the wedding,