Help!!! He won’t send me to school

send me to school

Hello Meg, Help!!! He won’t send me to school.

After my secondary education, I got married to my husband at 19 because my family wasn’t doing well and he promised my parents that he will send me to school. After the wedding, I moved to Ibadan to join him where he runs his business.

My husband is very rich and has different shops in one of the biggest markets in Ibadan and some shops in Lagos.

I brought up the issue of going to school and he assured me he’ll send me to school after my first baby. I got pregnant immediately but when my son got to two years, I reminded him about his promise but he said he didn’t have the money yet.

Well, to cut the story short I gave birth to my fifth and last child last year and I am currently 33. Each time I remind him of his promises, he gets angry and tells me he has done enough for me and my family already and I shouldn’t bother about going to school but should face raising his kids and our kids will go to school in my place and fill up that gap.

I’m worried and sad at the same time because most of my friends graduated from University and are now doing well. Some are doctors and others are lawyers, bankers and even learned business people.

I know my kids are going to good school but I even find it difficult to help with their assignment because I don’t know what to tell them sometimes. My oldest child is in JSS2 and I want to leave this marriage.

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I don’t know what to do about this I’m considering quitting this marriage or just pack my load and run away because he doesn’t even allow me to make decisions. He does everything as he likes and buys everything I need.

I rarely go out except with him and the children. I sit at home and watch zeeworld and telemundo. Infact, I know all the names of the characters in the movie and presently, it looks as if I am living in the same house with the actors and actresses since I know all the corners of their house and the room of each people I watch everyday. I’m tired and depressed. I want my freedom.

Dear reader,

From your ink I sense you married a more older man who just wanted someone to bear him kids and not a wife or companion and it looks as if your family depended on him a lot and made it look as if they were gold-digging.

I understand what you’re going through because you feel you’ve achieved nothing else in life than being a mom and wife. I’ll advice you ask him to buy you a laptop or arrange with your child’s teacher and tell him to tell your husband every child uses laptop in the school to run computer lessons and more.

Then get the laptop from your child and use it to register for an online course and school online. When you’re done, tell him about it. if you still want to quit consider leaving with your kids because someone else may maltreat them when you leave them behind.

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Also call his family members and tell them about your husband and entreat them to beg him to understand with you that you have a dream and really wants to achieve it..

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