Lazy husband won’t help in house chores

Lazy Husband

Dear Meg,

I recently got married to my husband, we dated for two years and in those two years he never asked me to do anything each time I visited him. We got married in last year November and believe me, my husband is a good man.

The only problem I have is that he doesn’t help with chores at home.  I do everything and this has led to me having a miscarriage last two months..

I spoke to him about it but he hasn’t changed.. My husband is very dirty. I wash, clean, cook and even wash his car. You have to remind him to change his underwear else, he can wear it for over a week.

Please, do not blame me because I never noticed this during our courtship infact, he was always smelling nice but reverse is the case now.. I want to leave this marriage because I’m tired of going to work and coming to all the laundry, kitchen work and even cleaning the rooms..

Please help me, else I’ll send divorce papers to him soon.

Dear reader, you mentioned that your husband is a good man. Please talk to him gently and show him how to help you. Tell him that the work load is on you and it’s affecting you in many ways.

Try to pray with him too. It could help him change. You don’t have to blame him, maybe his parents never made him do anything and he grew up with the mindset that women should do everything.

Give him another chance, please don’t rush into sending him divorce papers. There’s still room for learning because your marriage is just few months old.

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