Why Akwa Ibom Tech Entrepreneur calls for good Leadership


An Akwa Ibom tech entrepreneur and co-founder of The Root Hub in Uyo – Mr. Tony Onuk, has called for good leadership in Nigeria which he believes is the foundation for tech development across the country after attending the Jamhuri Tech and Innovation Summit. 

Jamhuri Tech
President William Ruto at the event

Mr. Onuk made the call on his Facebook profile while participating in #InnovationJamhuri event which was part of the activities marking the 59th Independence celebrations of Kenya. Onuk believes for Nigeria to make it big in the tech industry, the right leader must be elected during the 2023 elections.

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Jamhuri Tech and Innovation Summit was organised as an event to bring tech entrepreneurs in Kenya and around the world together to pitch their tech products and to create avenue for funding and networking within the Kenyan tech ecosystem.

Present at the event was the Kenyan President William Ruto, who was NOT represented but found time in his busy schedule to attend the event.

Kenya boasts of various tech companies within the ecosystem and tech entrepreneurs believe that with the support given by the President, more positive outcome will be witnessed within the ecosystem.

However, humbled by this development Mr. Tony Onuk calls for proper scrutiny of Nigeria’s next leader during the 2023 general elections as tech innovation cannot continue to be relegated to the background while frivolities are generally promoted.

He wrote:

“I am particularly inspired by the power of having the right leadership in place and how it can help move the country forward. Global tech giants, Google, Meta, Mastercard, Safaricom PLC, YouTube are partnering with the new President William Samoei Ruto to utilize technology to move their economy forward!

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Jamhuri Tech

Technology has the propensity to impact millions of people across different industries, but our leaders are not aware of its growing importance! You just need to feel the hope that this new leadership brings to the people!

The choice of our next leaders in Nigeria is of utmost importance and everybody should be participatory in the process!

We can learn a lot from Kenya.”

Ubong Nsekpong

Ubong Nsekpong is a graduate of Communication Engineering from FUTO. Founder, TechForest SoftTechnologies Ltd. A web developer, digital marketer, writer and a passionate promoter of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria South.

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