Help! My Husband treats me like a slaved in my home

My husband
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Dear Meg,
I’m having a difficult time in my home. My husband claims he is an African man and this makes him very controlling. I don’t eat in his absent or take any decisions without him. This has affected my self esteem even in the midst of his friends and family.

My daughter was very sick the other day and I had to rush her to the hospital before calling him to tell him and when I told him later, he was very angry and warned me never to try that again and I must always wait for him to take the decision.

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My cousin’s wedding was last week and I had bought the asoebi and this lady getting married was really helpful when I was getting married. She was in charge of everything, from the food to the money sprayed at the occasion.

Yet, my husband said I won’t and must not attend the wedding. When I argued with him about it, he slapped me and locked me inside the room. I have been crying since morning and I want to leave the marriage. My children were crying too. Please, advice me on what to do

Dear reader, red flags are always warning signs before you tie the knot with your partner and do not underestimate them. Believe me, this man is doing too much by caging you and also treating you not like a wife but a slave.

I’m not even bothered about you going for the wedding but your little daughter’s life and all that mattered to him was his permission before sending her to the hospital. I’ll advice you call a family meeting, spill everything and watch if he’ll change. If he doesn’t, please take your leave. It’s better to leave alive than not be alive

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Meg Udo

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