Help! My Church won’t accept him


Hello meg, my church won’t accept him, what do I do?

First, I must say that I appreciate and I have learnt a lot from your page on relationships and more.

I am 35 years old and a member of Jehovah’s witnesses church. I recently met a man who is not a member of my church and I must testify that he is a good person. He asked me to marry him but I am afraid my parents may disown me or the church may disfellowship them or me.

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I really love this guy and he has proven to be a husband material. I want to go ahead with the wedding because I really want to settle down and I don’t also want to miss a good person. My fear is how my church and family will react or take it. Please advice me on what to do

Dear poster,

Marriage is beyond denominations even though it is always advisable to marry someone you agree with on all levels. Look, think of the fact that for the past 35 years none of your members indicated interest in ‘wifing’ you and that may not change.

Another reason is that you said he is a good man. Marry someone who will give you peace. Talk to your family about it and state reasons they should support your decision. Good people exist in all religion and you may have just found a perfect match for you.

Pray over it and tell your uncles to come and plead with your family to understand why you can’t remain single for long because of your denomination. With time they’ll adjust to your decision.

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