Unbelievable! He cheated on me during our honeymoon.

he cheated

Dear Meg, I can’t hold it, he cheated on me.

Please hide my identity!

I got married last month to the love of my life and I thought I will enjoy my marriage. Well, let me go straight to the point.

My husband and I did our wedding on a beautiful Saturday and after our Thanksgiving the next day, we took a flight and went for our honeymoon in a beautiful five star hotel he had long booked for the day. Money isn’t the problem in our family because he’s very rich and has lots of properties his father left behind for him.

We got to our room and I loved everything in it. The room even had a kitchen and looked like a normal apartment you live in. I really liked it and we had a lot of fun but I noticed my husband usually left our room to go buy something which you could actually order u without having to leave our room.

I kept telling him he should place calls but he insisted he usually get bored and love strolling a little.
On our fourth day in the hotel, I don’t know why or what told me to follow my husband when he left the room to go and buy something at the restaurant downstairs. I got the shock of my life!

I quietly followed him and I watched him enter a room in the same hotel we lodged. I decided to wait for a while to see if he’ll come out but he didn’t, so I decided to go and knock on the door of the room and behold my supposed husband stood half naked at the door, tying a towel to his waist and in the room I saw a lady lying naked on the bed.

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He thought I was one of the staff bringing what he ordered and yes, for the first time in my life I thought of committing suicide and also killing my husband. Why did you marry me? I screamed at him. He quickly knelt down and begged but I wasn’t having it.

I ran to our room upstairs and locked myself in. He banged and banged but I refused to open, I couldn’t eat. I felt like going to the toilet. I couldn’t say a word and I later opened the door for him and he came in and begged. I was just dumbfounded. I didn’t speak much to him for the remaining one week and we were supposed to spend two weeks but I was done and I asked him we had to leave.

We took a flight and got back to our base in Lagos. I’m still in shock and I’ll be leaving him soon. I will like this marriage to be nullified. It never happened. Infact, it was never meant to happen. I can’t process the fact that he cheated on me on our first week of marriage and that means I wasn’t enough for him and will never be enough for him. I really want to leave.

Dear reader,

I’m speechless because you sent me your pictures and behold, you’re too beautiful that I still can’t believe what I just read. I’ll advice you ask him why he cheated and please do not think of taking your life or someone else’s because your beauty alone is enough correct the senses of any man and you should be proud of the woman you are..

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Leaving this marriage within a month is rather too early and people will wonder what business you both had with getting married. Please, I do not advice anyone to stay in any form of abusive relationship whether mentally, emotionally or physically..

It’s not a good thing but it’s always wiser we give a second chance and watch how it unfolds. Get to see if he’ll work on his weaknesses which I believe is cheating and maybe addiction to sex is part of it.. Please send me another reply.. I will love to know and see if it went positive .

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