Help! My mother in-law won’t leave me alone

Mother inlaw

Hello Meg, thanks for all the advices ..I’m learning a lot from your page.

My mother in-law won’t leave me alone to enjoy my marriage. She’s always coming to my house and demanding I do as she says. After our wedding, we were staying in his family compound but later moved out when there were too many issues.

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I thought that finally I’ll have my peace of mind. Well, it never happened. She’s always in our house and my husband sees nothing wrong with that or I’ll rather say, he doesn’t complain. One evening, she wore her bathroom slippers into our kitchen and I was pissed.

Another day she scoop food from my pot without my permission and on one occasion she took one of my weavons and gave to her youngest child who just got admitted into the university. I was so angry that I confronted her and she told me I can’t do anything about it else she’ll make sure I leave her son’s house and that after all, I bought it with her son’s money which isn’t even the truth.

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I’m tired, how do I send her away from my house or to make her stop coming to my house to disturb my life.

Dear reader, your mother inlaw is also your mother. Just ignore her and talk to your husband calmly about it or if it doesn’t work at the end of the day try and be nice to her and gist with her always and prepare food for her when she comes and tell her “mother in-law your food is in the pot”.

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With time she’ll realize how badly she hurt you and will apologise. Take care dear and give us a feedback on how it went. Also keep yourself busy with something to avoid giving her attention on issues that will bring more problems between you both

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