Help! He is a gay


Hello Meg, please help my fiancé is a gay.

I need a solution to this nightmare because I can’t believe what I saw and I can’t talk to my family about it, at least not yet till I’m sure. My fiancé and I met at our church youth convention in 2020 and we have been going for marriage classes since we will tie the knot latest November.

Let me also add that we are celibate and I really loved the idea of no sex before marriage and was happy he said so himself and I trusted him. Well, my fiancé is a pastor in his branch and I love how he loves God.

He recently gave me the key to his apartment and I decided to go there when he was out of town to spend time as his wife to be. I picked the laptop inside the drawer of his bedroom and powered it on. I decided to go through it to keep myself busy while I was there.

To my shock I saw over 100 same-sex porn movies which suggested he is gay.. I also noticed he had taken lots of pictures with one pastor in his branch who is married but most of the pictures were in a hotel and inside a bedroom.. I was speechless because both of them usually go for church programmes together as men of God.

Please, advice me on what to do because for the first time in two years I realized we’ve never kiss or talk about intimacy. We only pray and sing whenever we met and hasn’t spoken about his my fiancé gay or? I’m scared and worried..

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Dear reader,

this isn’t a small matter except you’re comfortable with marrying him despite his sexuality if you love the Mrs tag to your name. Arrange a meeting with him at an open place to make sure you’re safe. Then ask him about his ex girlfriends and ask him if he prefers men.

Promise him that you’ll still marry him because you love him and won’t want to leave but he should be sincere about his sexuality.. Record all the conversation and when you leave send him a voice note telling him you don’t want to marry him and you’re willing to keep everything as a secret if he respect your choice and won’t lie against you..

I wish you best of luck!

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