Tribal Sentiments: my family won’t accept her

my family
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Hi Meg,

I got to know about techforest from a friend and didn’t even know about the relationship segment of the site. I am an Igbo guy but I don’t have any plans to marry from my place. My girlfriend is from Kaduna and she loves and respects me.

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I really love her too but my family isn’t making it easier for us ever since I brought her home and introduced her to them as the woman I want to marry. My mother calls me everyday and cries on the phone and I’m scared this may result in something else.

My girlfriend is ready to stand by me till I’m able to convince my people. Please what should I do?

Dear Reader, this is definitely true love but in marriage love isn’t enough to keep the happiness flowing. You both love each other but of truth families are always a big part to different marriages. Marrying a northerner is really a difficult thing in the society we live in because of tribal influence and your girlfriend is a Christian which I believe should even make it easier for your family to agree.

Another reason you shouldn’t go ahead is because your people will hate and frustrate that innocent girl when you marry her but if you still wish to go on, stay back in Kaduna and arrange with your friends to marry her properly and do not let your people see her till after about two to three years and when she has birth kids and they can’t reject her again.

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Another thing you can do is to talk to your pastor or priest to talk to your family and they may listen to him and give it a chance. Write to us again, meanwhile, your girlfriend is really beautiful from the pictures you’ve sent to us. Good luck!

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