Should I go ahead? We are both AS.


Dear Meg, our genotype doesn’t match.

My fiance and I are so in love with each other but I discovered our genotype is the problem. We were supposed to settle down since last year and have been praying for a miracle. He’s AS and I am AS and the possibility of having children with sickle cell anaemia is very high.

We want to go ahead with the wedding and belief our case will be different. We both love each other and I can’t watch him walk down the isle with someone else because of our genotype.

Dear reader,

it is easier when you’re not married until the consequences of your actions start flooding in. Listen dear, love isn’t enough and can never be. Many people who married partners with same condition are frustrated in the marriage and wish they never did.

Some are separated and can’t continue to live under the same roof because of lack of money to foot hospital bills. It’s draining to have kids with the condition and it’s also unfair to bring a child into the world to suffer.

Scientist are yet to bring in any solution to sickle cell and till then please, do the right thing.. Someone else will come and you’ll be glad you waited..

Please, don’t take that step and suffer later.. I know of someone who did and the once lovers became enemies in the same home. She lost her job due to always going to the hospital and he was tired and got another woman pregnant outside..

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Please, forget about this and stay friends..

Meg Udo

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