I’m Leaving! She lied about her age


Dear Meg,

My wife lied to me and I just found out. We met at a church program in 2015 and the following year, we got married in the same church we met. The marriage was blessed with two children and she’s currently pregnant with twins (scan revealed).

My wife told me she was 26 but I just discovered she was 32..she scooped a total of six years out which means she’s three years older than me. She travelled to her parent’s house with the kids and I decided to clean and arrange the entire house pending their return next week..

When I lifted her box from the cupboard to remove cobwebs from it, a file fell to the ground.. I picked it up and was shocked to see her birth certificate and other documents which confirms this woman is not whom she said she was..

I wonder what else she lied about.. I decided to call her and also lie to her that there’s a job in an oil company and she should hurry back so I could take her credentials to my friend who is a top person in the company.. Guess what? She replied she doesn’t want the job and she’s comfortable with her current Job and won’t want anything that will make her not to have time for her kids..

This is someone who told me severally that she always pray to God to bless her with a job in an oil company to help boost her finance.. I’m planning to divorce her because it feels like I’m married to an old woman or my elder sister and I can’t imagine myself with her anymore..

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I’ll take full custody of my kids and walk away.. marriage on deceit is a big no and we must go our separate ways..

Dear reader,

do not be in a hurry to divorce your wife and what has age got to do with marriage and love?

Many men are married to Women even 10-15 years older than them and are happy in it.. Look at her positive attributes and good character that made you marry her..

Think more of the reasons you married and with time you will forget about her age.. Have a heart to heart talk with her..kids are involved and please do not destroy the future of those kids by taking an action that will affect their entire up bringing..

I’ll like to get a feedback from you on how it was solved.. God bless your marriage. Amen

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