My husband put me in pains, now he wants me back

in pains

My husband and I separated two years ago because he found someone else and moved out to stay with her. Before he left, he said so many mean words to me that made me cry for weeks. He told me he doesn’t love me again and I’m no longer beautiful after child birth.

We are not officially divorced and just last month, Mr. husband has been coming around buying gifts and trying to stay over night but I refused and told him it’s not acceptable. He lied last week that his car is faulty and he can’t go home that night.

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I allowed him stay in the children’s room and the next day, he said he’ll call his Mechanic to come fix the car and I didn’t see anyone only for him to change into a fresh cloth after taking his bath and sat watching TV.

I felt like hitting his head with a pan but not for God who stopped me from such stupid thought and act. He ordered pizza and ice cream for the kids and they were shocked to come back from school and meet their wicked father.

“Oga, leave me house” and he started begging me that it was the devil in action and he has realized himself and want a second chance with me. I told him I don’t want him again and I’m not interested. We can raise our two kids as coparents and I’m not ready for another emotional abuse..

He left after I threatened to call the police on him.. Well, he finally left last Friday. I was at work on Monday when he proposed again with a car and a new ring begging me to reconsider him and came for us to renew our vows. I said no and my entire office were begging and his family came to beg me too.

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I have not been picking calls because every call entering my phone is his family begging on his behalf.. I told them he said I wasn’t good for him and he married me because of the fact that he thought he loved me and I’m not attractive anymore..

I am confused because my children too asked me why he stopped sleeping over and they want him to come and stay with us.. Well, he’s the one paying our rent even when he left but I can’t erase the memory of him dropping me like a hot potato..

I’m confused, I know he never beat me but the emotional pains is still there

Dear Reader, sometimes we make mistakes and don’t want to go back to it. It’s a fact. Sometimes giving a second chance also isn’t a bad idea. Your husband may be truly sorry for the pains he caused you but two good years is a long time for you to give up on loving him especially if he left and not stay in the house to cheat.

This is a journey that was full of pains and regret. I know he’s human like some people will argue but he should have been sympathetic enough to know you loved him and wanted forever with him and how his leaving affected the kids.

If you must take him back, let him understand that your lawyers will forever be ready to give him divorce papers if he tries cheating again and make sure all his properties are in you and your children’s name..

Give him another condition that he must work on his weaknesses. Give us a feedback if you decide to marry him again.

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