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I am a regular reader of this page and I enjoy all segments. I need your help on this please. Well, I am 28 years old and recently I got admission into the university. I know it’s late but I’m willing to go to school. This isn’t the first time I got admission but I always end up not going because of money to pay my fees.

My problem here is that I have someone who is willing to pay for me but he asked me to date him and he’s a married man. Please what should I do about this because I don’t have parents?

My parents died in a ghastly motor accident while returning from a wedding in minna. My aunty took care of my younger brother and I after my parents passed on and was able to send me to just primary and secondary School.. Please, advice me on what so do that I can further my education and also take care of my brother. I really want to go to school and I don’t want this opportunity to pass me by.

Dear reader, I will advise you to forget about the married man and get a skill to help you pay your fees. Our people usually say, “he/she who dates a married person has signed his/her death warrant”. You may never know his wife’s plan. Please, forget about him and start a business to help you pay your fees and also take care of your brother.

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