I’m Scared, I may not be the biological father of our Son

biological father

Hello Meg, I may not be the biological father.

My wife and I had our first child immediately after we got married and due to the whole stories online about paternity issues, especially in the first child that comes into the family, I have decided to carry out a DNA test on my Son.

I could recall very well that my wife and I weren’t really steady but after we had sex she left and after two months she called to inform me that she was pregnant for me. I decided to marry her because I was already tired of being a bachelor and my real girlfriend wasn’t in Nigeria.

I told her I was going to marry her anyways and she should keep the pregnancy. I quickly rushed to a jewelry shop where rings were sold and bought her an engagement ring, arranged a dinner and proposed to her in an eatery. We later got married in the following month.

After I read on a blog about how women tie men with pregnancies after moving from one man to another before the weak or vulnerable one finally accepts it. I told myself I needed to carry out the paternity is test.

My wife is a good woman and respects me but I’m scared I may not be the biological father of my son.

Please advice me on what to do because I am having sleepless nights with the fear that the boy may not be mine afterall. I have been doing a lot for him and will be very sad to discover he is not my son.

Dear reader, You shouldn’t be scared because he already sees you as his father. Worry not, why not talk to your wife about this and see if she has anything to open up to you about. If you still feel he isn’t yours then you can do the test but please do not send him away if the result says he isn’t yours.

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Try in your capacity to take care of him like the child you met her with before you married her. Please, do not divorce her because you’ve said she’s a good woman and it will be okay to love her for that reason.

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