How to choose a perfect outfit for your bridesmaids a.k.a Ashoebi Ladies


Who are bridesmaids? A maid is a young girl that is not married, who renders help or assistance to another person irrespective of the age.

You should choose someone you can confide in, someone who is willing to tolerate you, because you might look stressful and tired on your wedding day. Someone who is friendly and happy that will notice a change in your look and put a smile on your face.

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When choosing a dress for your bridesmaid consider the colors that matches their skin tones, fine colors like: mint green, hot pink, forest green, bunt orange, yellow, lilac, blue, red.

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White and black colors should not be used at people’s wedding except the couple request for it. It will be better if you consider their height and body sizes too.

The role of bridesmaids in your wedding.

The bridesmaid in most cases takes full participation in the planning process of the event.

You can assign a particular task to them.

They assist the bride.

All cost is on them, once the accept the offer but you can assist too if you can.

The matron or maid of honour:  These two people are very important on your wedding day. The matron is someone who is married while the maid is someone who is not yet married.

The custodian of your immediate needs is handled by these people or person as the case may be. You can decide to bring both of them or you choose one person.

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The cleaning of your face when you sweat, the carrying of your purse, the cleaning of your shoes, they take full responsibility of your outfits when you change to another infact they are also seen and known as care taker.

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Accurate styles you can choose for them are as follows: one shoulder dress, off shoulder dress, mix match gowns, short and sassy, infinity, signature, v neck floor length dress, flowing dress, pieces dress etc.

Your bridal shower can be hosted by matron or maid of honour, close friends, even bridesmaids, this communication should be clear to avoid planning twice. Think and choose well for your big day.

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