How to dress smart and attractive while on duty

dress smart
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What does it really mean to dress smart? In fashion it is being well dressed, looking clean and neat.

What is attractive? Beautiful, well admired.

When you consider these two factors in fashion you will surely stand out from the crowd. To dress smart and attractive does not only end at what we wear. Rather, it goes beyond that but here we will focus on how your fashion combination can get you to stand out.

dress smart
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There are other factors to be considered in order to perfectly match these two strong words. Looking at ourselves in the mirror, we can see and know how we are beautifully made. So don’t feel shy or ashamed of yourself or live in low self-esteem. No, never do that. Nobody is more beautiful than you are. Yes, I mean you.

dress smart
Image source: shilpaahuja

Key notes to dress smart and look good

  1. Neat hair: You can plait and pack it up in a neat way or you keep it low and comb it neatly. change your hairstyles at least once in a month.
  2. Smile: This is a facial expression you put up either when exchanging pleasantry or in a conversation. It is very important. Wear a smile every day to take away ageing from you. I consider it very relevant in fashion. Besides, guys love this in single ladies.
  1. Colours: Try and mix match your outfit colours well. A striped outfit matches very well with the same striped colour and background or upon a plain colour of the same colour of the outfit. Your shoe colour can go with your purse, hair band or beading accessories as the case may be. Sharp colours like red sparkles and brightens your day.
  2. Unique dressing: This doesn’t really need so much expenditure. For instance, you can wear a neat shirt or blouse of any colour upon a pencil skirt, so far you have a good shoe you are good to go. Rock it on, with your simple accessories.
  3. Walking posture: After dressing in the above methods listed above. Try cat walking if you can. Heads will turn towards your direction, as you rock in a smart and attractive way in the office.

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