Life Experience: How her Aunty ruined her Fashion Business

Fashion Business

There was a lady I knew who was into fashion business back then- and was very good in it.  One day, after I have acquired the skills in the profession, the memories of her excellent works flashed on my mind and I started searching my phone to see if I still have her contact, luckily for me I found it.

I dialed the number, and it went through. She is Anita by name. I asked “how are you?” Can we meet in your shop? She replied “yes”, but quickly informed that her shop was no longer there. She then gave me her new shop address.

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Last week I decided to visit her. In the course of our conversation, I asked why she was into hair dressing now? “I knew you to be a fashion designer”, I queried. Looking rather sober she said, “please Ma, welcome and have a sit so that we can discuss”.

I sat down calmly, and listen as the young lady narrated her ordeal. “Ma you know me very well, I love sewing and I am good at it, I angrily left it because of how people talk in this world. I love my Aunty so much but I decided to leave my sewing because of her.

I went to my Aunty one day and told her of my progress in my business, my work gave me so much money in the first few months and I was even asking her to introduce me to any ‘Osusu contribution’ (daily or monthly savings). I never knew I was doing myself more harm than good.”  

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According to her, one day Mrs. Peace (her Aunty’s friend) stopped by her shop, she narrated. “After we exchanged pleasantries, she went touching the clothes I made in the shop with exclamation, “this is wow”, she turned to the inner finishing and said girl, you’re just too much.

Fashion business
Sketching your design could give a positive output in Fashion. Photo: Lux Life

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Then why did your Aunty tell me you can’t really sew, she queried. Tears started dripping down my chin, I looked at her and asked if she was sure.”

Anita then told me how she used to make dresses for her Aunty for free. “You see that my shop, it was very close to my Aunty’s house, I even make clothes for her free of charge yet she ruined my fashion business by telling negative stories about my work.

We do not pay transportation for circulated information, it moves from one person to the another, from one place to another. I lost some of my clients due to this reason and I was left with very few. I couldn’t even renew my shop rent anymore. I left to a good friend who showed me way into hair making business.

After listening to Anita, I told her this is not enough reasons for you to change your business line.  When you jump from one business to another, you will surely jump from that one to another.

And you my dear reader, I know you or someone you know might have passed through this experience too.  You don’t have to be discouraged.  All you have to do is to churn out a couple more designs that will wow the world.

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Sit back and check on yourself, if need be, change your location and continue with your remaining clients, let’s keep pushing until we get to the top.

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