Fashion Designing: When can you start a career in Fashion?

Photo: Gareth Pugh Studion

Fashion designing needs determination, courage and focus, once you determine, courage speaks while focus comes in. You don’t need anybody to force you before taking the career of your choice, if you forcefully take a decision you may fail on the way.

You can pray and decide on your career. A baby boy or girl who lives in a family where he or she wakes up to see any machine tries to operate it on his/her own, even without any guide and when he or she becomes a teenager or an adult he/she will even do ten times better than the parents or guardian.

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Start your Fashion Career now, the time is right for you. I know the few months might be tough for you but let courage be your friend. Say “I will make it” with courage and positive mind, the goal belongs to you, go get it.

Using pencil to sketch your designs can enhance output. Photo: Fashion History

Getting sponsorship in your Fashion Journey

Sponsorship is a financial support from someone, either your parents, Guardian, yourself or whoever is willing to assist. You need to pay inorder to undergo the fashion training, transportation fair, feeding, accommodation, purchase of the needed materials in order to enhance effective learning and skills acquisition. As a learner you must consider all these things but don’t give up, surely you will make it.

Can Age be a limit?

Young or Old you can learn fashion, no sex difference[male or female] once you have the three things listed above. A primary School Child can learn fashion after School hours, A University Graduate can learn Fashion Designing, A Retired Civil Servant can learn fashion designing too.

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I know of a young girl, Jenny , in my neighbourhood back then in Calabar, who took up Sewing career as a teenager after school hours, today she is rated one of the best in the business.

I know of Mrs. Emma a retired civil servant, who is now making dresses for herself, daughter inlaws, and grand children. She sews strictly for her immediate family with reasons best known to her and she does it perfectly well. Take this serious and smile in less than no time, see you at the top.

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