How to replace cult groups with Tech Communities in Nigeria Niger Delta Zone

tech communities
Photo: DevFest Aba 2017

Tech communities can comfortably replace the ravaging activities of cult activities in the Nigeria Niger Delta region.

Sometime ago I was invited to an event at UniUyo main campus – an Ingressive meetup. Arriving the venue, I saw some students came running towards the venue indicating enthusiasm in my own assessment.

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Ingressive is a Campus Tech Community aimed at helping student startups and the one I was attending was a maiden event for the university.

Tech Communities can give them alternative freedom of association

Tech Communities
During Tech Meetups and events youths have the opportunity to network positively and share ideas. Photo: DevFest Aba 2017

Operating therefore on the catch them young policy, introducing young people to tech communities in their early days in the university can actually reduce the rate of cult activities in our campuses and the society at large. 

Noted among young people is the fact that they are ready to explore and, in most cases, our erring brothers will introduce cultism to these newbies as an avenue to assuage their fantasy. 

Taking them therefore into the world of tech – through tech communities, where they can create their imaginations into applications aimed at solving a problem or creating entertainment, young people will have lesser interest in engaging in a non-profitable activity like cultism, while making their legitimate money.

Political discourses can be changed

Recently the menace of cultism and other vices have been so disturbing that the Akwa Ibom State governor had to give an executive order for the proscription of cult groups in the State. 

Unfortunately, it is alleged that the activities of these young people are powered by self-centered politicians who sees the destruction of these young ones as an avenue to attend their exalted political rankings.

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Therefore, one would have expected the governor to rather encourage tech communities through funding of startups and tech events as a way of sowing productive seeds that will over-shadow the malicious ones sown over the years by ravenous politicians.

Cutting across the 6 Niger Delta States in the oil rich zone is the danger of cultism. Although it seems easier to raise a political base by engaging cultists to intimidate and maim in order to have a safe sail politically, supporting tech communities will produce positive results in the nearest future that will create a reverse impact than empowering cultist.

Tech Communities can help in talent development and higher productivity

Tech Communities
There are a lot to learn at such meetups. Photo: DevFest Aba 2017

Self-development goes beyond paper certification. It is the training of your senses to focus on a task and deliver accurately the functions to which we set out to execute. That is why if a child sets out to develop his/herself negatively, he/she can commit a crime that will place him/her on the pages of newspapers without any paper certifications.

This is why I am of the opinion that harnessing the level of creativity in our society, the government, concerned individuals and organization who are accused of influencing the rise of cultism in our society should support tech communities in the Niger Delta zone beginning from the oil rich Akwa Ibom State.

Just as young people has channeled their minds to the promotion of crimes for their survival in the past years, I can boldly promise investors that great harvest will be achieved within the Akwa Ibom tech ecosystem to the amazement of all if we tow the path of tech evolution.

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Afterall, without government, corporate or individual supports, young people are making marks already. What if we invest now just as we have invested in cultism and other crimes in the past?

Ubong Nsekpong

Ubong Nsekpong is a graduate of Communication Engineering from FUTO. Founder, TechForest SoftTechnologies Ltd. A web developer, digital marketer, writer and a passionate promoter of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria South.

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