The trendiest corset and how to wear them

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Corset is one of the most beautiful outfit worn by women on several occasions. It can be worn to different occasions such as child dedication, wedding parties, seminar event, reception parties and lots more.

Corset is unique in a particular way, it can be worn as a skirt and blouse, short or long gown and as a jumpsuit.

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Corset outfits beautify women and ensures modesty and makes you look sexy when worn. It can be seen and known in fashion as a fashion statement dress which will last for many years, it makes you feel good like an embrace or a hug.

Types of corset

  1. Victorian corset
  2. Over bust corset
  3. Under bust corset
  4. Mid bust corset
  5. Elizabethan corset etc

Any corset outfit helps in waist cinching and also give support to the hips and the back area. It is a support garment that helps to hold the breast and trim the body into a desired figure.

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How well does it work

Bust: It helps to hold it firm even more than wearing a bra when properly cut and caged.

Waist cinching or snatching: The process of trimming or reducing the waist measurement from a bigger waist into a smaller waist, this can be done when about four inches is reduced. For instance if your waist is 42 inches you trim it to about 38 inches. At this point your internal organs might shift a bit which may or may not cause harm to your health.

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Back: it gives support to the back and reduces back ache.

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Hips: it sleeps so well on this area and gives a nice shape, this depends on the type of corset dress used because some corset dress do not get the hip area.

A well fitted corset outfit will not cause pain, discomfort or shortness of breath when worn.

Source: Konga

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