Refer And Earn Cool Cash With Celot

Have you ever tried Celot while booking for your flights?

You know how important it is to make money already. We all want some cool cash and you can’t underestimate the need for a few thousands; could be really handy.

Lets begin with an introduction before we get to the money making part.

Celot is an indigenous flight booking app for flight within Nigeria. One of the major problems Celot has always solved, is that of finding multiple solutions in a single place.


So, with the Celot mobile app, you can search for flights and see ALL available flights to your destination (and back, if you are opting for a round trip).

You also don’t have to guess what the  price difference on Air Peace, Arik and Max Air would be. Flight prices across all available airlines are boldly shown and you get to choose.

Of course, you can also choose your flight category, that is, economy or business class and also book for several persons at once.

It’s literally the easiest, yet most efficient thing to use.

For payment options, several are found on the app, such as Flutterwave, Monnify, Bank Transfer and the new in-app Wallet. With the wallet feature, you can deposit right into your Wallet and pay Instantly by clicking on the “Wallet” payment option.

Minimize the stress with Celot.

You can also withdraw from your wallet, right into your bank account whenever you want to.

Once your booking and payment is completed, your e-ticket is sent to you immediately. Basically within a spilt second.

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No delays.

Earning With Celot

It is popular knowledge that a lot of persons travel locally using flights and you can leverage on this fact to make some cool cash.

How do you do this?

To earn on the app, all you have to do is:

1. Download the Celot App from Android or iOS Playstore.

2. Sign up in less than 3 minutes.

3. Click on “Account”.

4. Click on “Share”.

5. Click on “Refer to a friend now” to share your unique link with your family and friends.

(You can also copy your link to send as DMs to your friends and family).

With your unique link, your referral downloads and installs the Celot app on their device and it reflects on your dashboard on the app.

When your referral books their first flight, you earn N1,000 Instantly!

Your earnings are credited to your in-app wallet and you can withdraw all of it right into your bank account at any point, from any location, without any restrictions.

There is no-one that wouldn’t like to book a flight with Celot. All you have to do is ask them to.

With your earnings saved securely in your wallet, you can choose to use it to book a flight sometime soon.

Several thousands await you.

Download the Celot Mobile App now to begin referring and earning.

Sapa is not your portion.

Claim it by clicking here to download the Celot Mobile App today.

Ubong Nsekpong

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