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Technology, which is popularly defined as the practical application of scientific knowledge has changed the world we all live in, so drastically that it seems to have joined the group of things we cannot live without. Or better put, technology has joined the group of things that life would be so hard without.

One very particular characteristic of technology is the control, speed and ease it affords us. No more do we have to handwrite letters and wait for weeks for it to get to someone in another country. We can send messages to anyone in any location in the world in a matter of seconds.

We can listen to the voices of our family and loved ones from thousands of miles away. This, I think, would have saved the love of Romeo and Juliet if it had existed in medieval times. Don’t you?

Customer testimony

We now have more time at our control and great information at our disposal, with which we can learn with, and make informed decisions with as well.

What about tech in finance? Digital payment options are here to stay. Tech in health? Simply mind-blowing! From laser surgery to hearing aids, tech has greatly revolutionized the medical field.

Let’s not even talk about tech in entertainment. Film making in particular. Each time I remember that Titanic was filmed in a pool, I loose it. I felt deceived, I cried for Jack. What wizardry!

Quite glaring, is the fact that technology has changed the world, as we know it. Computers have become smaller and smarter and in a future where we may have driverless cars as a norm and exclusively robot-run factories, technology will still thrive.

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Celot is a digital travel company that focuses on local air travel in Nigeria. So, what does this mean? It means that, we put our users in control of their air travel options by putting everything in one place.

With the Celot Mobile App and on the Celot website, you can “search for” and see all available flight options on all available airlines in your city to any other city within the country.

Now, you can see that we have 12 available flights from Lagos to Abuja on 4 airlines.. what next?

We take it a step further by helping you access the prices of these flights on the various airlines available.

You can now compare prices and choose to book with your preferred airline at the best price.

Booking a flight has never been this easy, with just a few clicks on the Celot Mobile App or Celot website, you can successfully book a flight and have your flight ticket emailed to you immediately.


In the advent of a haulback, delay or cancellation, Celot has a very robust Customer Support System that caters for situations like this and gives prompt positive responses.

What the customers are saying

Celot is an emerging digital authority within the tech-in-travel sphere which is continuously evolving to improve user experience with first hand accessible information on local air travel, news and events in the industry as well as helpful tips that make it the to-go air travel solution amongst many.

Technology has made it easy, Celot has made it easier.

Search flights, compare prices and book flights within Nigeria with a few clicks. It’s current, it’s seamless, it’s what you need.

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Would you like to get the Celot Mobile App now?

Click here to visit the web to book affordable flights within Nigeria. Get the app from your Android and iOS playstores here.

Celot is one of the ventures supported by RAD5 Tech Hub through her StartupClub Program

To a life of tech enabled possibilities.

Ubong Nsekpong

Ubong Nsekpong is a graduate of Communication Engineering from FUTO. Founder, TechForest SoftTechnologies Ltd. A web developer, digital marketer, writer and a passionate promoter of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria South.


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