Is your Startup ready for incubation? Plan to join Rad5 Startup Club


RAD5 Tech Hub announces RAD5 StartupClub, Cohort 2022, a program aimed at empowering entrepreneurs and innovators to accelerate innovation and collaborate within the firm leveraging shared resources to build, test and deploy new ventures.

RAD5 Tech Hub envisions being a global community, where potential and early-stage entrepreneurs can discover the best people, right resources, and environment to build successful ventures and by so doing, reduce the rate of startup failure and talent migration across regions through partnerships and foster a community with shared resources for potential and early-stage entrepreneurs to build successful businesses from scratch to exit.

The purpose of the program is to discover new innovators and entrepreneurs who can leverage technology to solve day-to-day challenges and the creation of new startups. It will offer the opportunity for developers, designers, entrepreneurs to network, discover, learn and launch an idea while having access to shared resources to find product fit in the market. 

Expectations from the program are for participants to build a product, design a business model, be investment ready and provide reasonable next steps for the startups.

Who can apply?

  1. Developers (Frontend, Backend, Cloud or Mobile developers)
  2. Creative Designers
  3. Entrepreneurs or Innovators
  4. Financiers/Finance Partner or Investors
  5. Marketers


  1. Applicant must be available to work on an idea for at least 8 months actively
  2. Applicant must be willing to give away equity (based on structure setup)
  3. Applicants must be open-minded to his/her innovation
  4. Applicant must be willing to be attached a cofounder(s)
  5. Applicant must be available to attend weekly meetings (remotely/physically) with team members

What you get from RAD5 Tech Hub

  1. Up to $6,500 worth of AWS Credit
  2. Up to 90% discount on Hubspot premium
  3. Access to a pool of team members and co-founders
  4. Access to free workspace
  5. Access to training resources including investment readiness
  6. Access to one-on-one mentorship from industry experts
  7. Access to funding opportunities
  8. And lot more
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Unfortunately application for this batch of the StartupClub is closed. You can however reach out to the hub on whatsapp +2348188155501.

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