Incredible: Gold digger boyfriend wants to inherit my wealth

Gold digger boyfriend

Hello Meg,

I met my boyfriend two years ago in a shopping mall and we are planning to get married in August.

I work in an oil firm and recently got promoted.. After my promotion a month ago, my boyfriend proposed and I accepted.. I like him a lot but recently I have been having mixed feelings towards him.. 

He said, we will be operating a joint account after marriage and I earn four times what he earns.  He also said told me that after our wedding I’ll change the documents of my landed properties to our names and automatically he’ll be my next of kin.

I have been worried because he sounded like he’s after my wealth.. I know I’m already 34 but I don’t know if I’m with the wrong person.. Please, I’m I making a terrible mistake or I should go on with the marriage since I’m not getting any younger..

Dear reader, you know what we usually say. “Anything that is good for you won’t stress you or disturb your peace of mind”. You’ve seen all the red flags and if you still want to go ahead with it, then it’s your choice and no one else’.

Ask him more questions to see his intentions or tell him you’ve been sacked from work to see his reactions while you arrange with your office to take a leave. His reactions will go a long way to show his intentions and why he wants to marry you.. Have a beautiful week!

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