Ankara Bomber Jacket: What is the best outfit for rainy season

bomber jacket

Last week I was thinking of Ankara bomber jacket and what could be the best outfit for rainy season. So many designs came up on my mind but this morning a first-hand experience helped me draw a conclusion.

As I was about stepping out this morning, dressed in a long pencil skirt and a blouse I made sometime ago. I noticed a change of weather and rushed back to pick up my umbrella and shower cap, because I never wanted to carry a big bag.

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Yes, this is the corn season, rainy season.  The change in whether invoked an instant change of my outfit from the skirt and blouse to what matches the weather.

The best outfit for rainy season to me right now is Ankara Bomber Jacket.  Immediately I noticed the change in weather I rushed in and had another look at my wardrobe to see what best suit the weather. I picked up my umbrella and my shower cap which is now part of my attire because of the season. My face cap wasn’t left out in my dressing to keep my head completely warm.

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Ankara bomber Jacket is an outfit which is sown with Ankara Fabric and should be lined to protect your skin from cold and wetness. It has a bold zipper in front to enable you wear it easily without stress, two pocket are added to it at the center front or beside it to enable you lock up your fingers and your palm from cold.

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It is a loose outfit, i.e. not sticking to your body. It has a band with two colours or one cool colour at the edge of the top and the bicep. It can be worn in different occasions. Birthday party, church, traditional weddings, burial ceremonies and even family meetings.

Your outfit for rainy season should be dark, just because it will not become see through when you get soaked by rain and incase of having a splash it could be absorbed. Go for heavy fabrics, I advise you add lining to your bomber jacket to make it thicker for warmness when choosing your outfit for rainy season.

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A track suit trouser, either of the same Ankara colour on the top or plain colour rocks it better.

A Canvas on your feet gives you an excellent look but why soak your canvas in the rain.  So I prefer a clean plastic footwear for the legs. You can stay on fashion higher with uniqueness this season when you avoid full length attires, you can go to your work place with your bomber jack and accessorize your outfit in a great way.

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