9 Amazing reasons why you need a biodigester soakaway in your home?

Biodigester soakaway

A biodigester soakaway is a soakaway structure in which organic waste matter is digested by bacteria and only water is gotten at the end of the process.

A biodigester toilet system is a Moden toilet system that does not get filled up, so eradicate the issue of evacuation of the waste in the manhole system.

The technology uses micro bacteria in process of the Bio Toilet digester which feed on the waste and also multiply from 1 to 100,000 within 24 hours.

The chemical treatment put in the digester produces the micro-organisms that feed on the toilet waste. thereby treat the waste in such a way that only water comes out of the biodigester soakaway which can be directed to the gutter because it does not smell and is very environmentally friendly

Biodigester soakaway
Construction at site

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You see that process of spending money continuously, a biodigester soakaway takes that away

Your next question now is “how is a biodigester soakaway better than the regular soakaway” we will tell you

biodigester soakaway
Soakaway under construction

There are numerous benefits a biodigester soakaway offers when kept side by side with a soak-away but here a 9 major advantage you will experience once you get this installed

  1. A biodigester soakaway requires lesser construction materials (cement, block, sand etc.)
  2. Because it digests the waste immediately, it never gets filled up for life.
  3. A biodigester soakaway does not give room for the breeding of mosquitoes or a habitat for cockroaches to grow
  4. A biodigester soakaway takes about five to six days to complete, unlike a soak-away that could take you a month plus.
  5. A single biodigester soakaway can serve a large number of rooms compared to a soak-away that could be limited and you will need to dig more to satisfy more rooms in the compound
  6. Biodigester soakaways are a closed system; therefore, it gives off no odour from human waste
  7. Gas generated through bio-digestion is a biogas and is renewable, as well as a clean, source of energy.
  8. Maintenance Free, Cost-Effective Sanitation Solution
  9. 99% Waste Decomposition
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We could go ahead and list more benefits for you but we believe you have seen reasons to own one today.

Also, if you already have a soak-away system, you can still have a Biodigester.

Biodigester soakaway

If you need to save money in the future, I will advise you choose a biodigester soakaway system.

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If you are a person that hates foul smell that originates from soak-away, choose a biodigester.

If you need a Biodigester soakaway system today, call the Professionals who have been building it for years and have delivered several successful projects to their elated clients.

Contact IKBASS Global Biotech Consult located at No. 6 Timber Market, Mbiabong Uyo, Akwa Ibom State or call them on 08120877468.

Over view of Biodigester Soakaway

It is environmental friendly

Pocket friendly

Less space required

No more evacuation

Last longer as the building last

It can be constructed in any type of soil,


Dry land

On the rock e.t.c

Call or WhatsApp us today ACEWELL ENGINEERING +234-805-27-29-558 and you will be glad you did

Embrace the green way of life today.

Biodigester soakaway

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