Roothub at 8: Cofounders, Interns share touching experiences


May 30th 2022, Roothub, a famous hub in Uyo capital city of Akwa Ibom State shared 8 years’ experience as one of the leading hubs in Uyo.

The event took place at the hub opposite Ibom Hall grounds in Uyo on Monday the 30th May, 2022 by 2pm. 

Roothub was established in 2014 by the duo of Tony and Francis Onuk with the aim of bringing young people together and creating a community where tech is leveraged to provide solution to the ecosystem.

Taking to his Facebook page, Francis Onuk the co-founder of hub writes

Francis Onuk – Cofounder

“8ight years ago, I took a big leap into the unknown alongside my brother Tony Onuk. I decided to leave a city I had spent over 25 years in – Lagos.

I leapt into the unknown, forsaking all I was used to determined to go back to my ROOTS and put my creativity into use. It has not been easy at all, sometimes I do feel like giving up and going back to gidi but thankfully, I have not. Coming to the hub daily, gives me so much fulfillment particularly when I teach and also learn from the people who frequent the hub daily.

From the beautiful City of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, we are now impacting young people across the country as well as outside. Having trained over 20,000 persons, I smile each time I get messages from people thanking the hub for either getting a new job(remote & in person), side hustle(freelancer) or attaining new heights in their endeavors & this gives me the resolve to continue to do much more.

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I am grateful to all our partners, trainees, friends and well-wishers for standing firm in their support towards us helping us CREATE, ENGAGE & DEPLOY.  Cheers to more years of impact, #wearetheroothub”

Tony Onuk, who is a google mentor also expressed joy over the success of the hub as he pens on his twitter account

Tony Onuk – Cofounder

“The Roothub is 8 years old!

I am glad to have lent a hand in building The RootHub into a community that spans Nigeria into Africa, partner with global giants like Google and Facebook App to impact well over 30,000 people!

30th of MAY 2014, marked the beginning of a journey, a journey to create opportunities, engage people and deploy ideas. We are grateful to our partners, hubbers, friends and well wishers who have constantly been with us on this journey.”

At the hub, hubbers gathered to share experiences at the hub and ex hub members shared their experiences via video calls.

Below is an experience from a hubber

Hub members share their excitement

“One of the greatest challenge of our generation is to build systems that give people the freedom to find themselves.

This is what The RootHub has done seamlessly for 8 years.

We celebrate you Francis Onuk and Tony Onuk for tapping into your collective strength to keep the dream alive.

The tenacity in the face of a one sided civil service state.

The grit to act differently in an environment where everybody is doing the normal thing.

Myself and Joidy are proud to identify with this great initiative.

It’s been a productive, prosperous and purposeful 8 years.”

It must be noted that Uyo is experiencing a revolution in tech skills acquisition.  Several young people are today engaging in learning various skills from web development, digital marketing, software development, graphics, etc.

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The provision of tech hubs within and outside the capital city provide these youngsters the opportunity of coming together to share ideas and collaborate while working on a particular idea.

Hubs are also a great place for startups to have a coworking space where startups can incubate and learn the skills needed to launch an idea or a startup. 

Behind this effort of decentralising Akwa Ibom from a core civil service state to an industrial hub in West Africa are the Roothub, Start Innovation Hub and other tech hubs.  

If you care to know more about Roothub you can take a look at this article.

We join the tech ecosystem in Akwa Ibom State to say congratulations to the Roothub!

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