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Web Development Course

Welcome to TechForest Nigeria and thank you for finding time to look at our web development course.  This web development course is designed to guide you on your journey to become a web developer. 

It is a beginners’ course and so I will expect to get as questions as possible from you.

I promise it is going to be an exciting journey all through. Try to read and understand everything I explain here then put them into practice. If you are yet to like our page on Facebook please do so to get update from this site at regular interval.

I have endeavored to make it a step by step process. Where you get stuck, reach out in the comment section and let us know your problem. I or someone else will be there to help you.

I will strongly advise that you join our community by filling out this form.

At the end of this course, you will build a real world project which I have included to help you get a firsthand experience on building your own website using HTML5 and CSS3. 

TechForest is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria and we are licensed to train and offer tech solutions within Nigeria.

Again I will say “pay attention”. WordPress, Wix, etc are all built from codes. There was a time when navigating through folders or manipulating text in MS Word was very hard. But today everyone even without computer training can do these things.

The same thing applies here. There are platforms built to ease your work and bypass all you are going to learn here. But getting these basics will help you manipulate any platform and template with ease.

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So let your focus be on what you will achieve if you can complete your projects in this course and never get distracted.

You will agree with that web developers are one of the highest paid in any industry today. It is estimated that the average salary of a web developer is $68524 per anum plus other entitlements.

So keep coming back to this category and follow up this course to the end.  Beyond the salary, there are a lot of advantage you have by having the knowledge I will share with you in this category.

Once again Congratulations for finding us and keep your eyes on the prize while running this race. It is worth the stress. Good luck. Now let’s go over to our first lesson.

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Ubong Nsekpong

Ubong Nsekpong is a graduate of Communication Engineering from FUTO. Founder, TechForest SoftTechnologies Ltd. A web developer, digital marketer, writer and a passionate promoter of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria South.

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