Amazing Tech Hubs in South-South Nigeria

hubs in south-south nigeria

Are you interested in investing in tech in Nigeria? Below are the list of some credible tech hubs in the south south region of Nigeria

Start Innovation Hub

Start Innovation observes social distancing during the covid 19 pandemic

The brainchild of Hanson Johnson, Start Innovation Hub is committed to providing young people, in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, with a collaborative platform to leverage technology and create wealth.

The tech hub aims to achieve this by providing key ingredients like seed funding, mentorship, access to business expertise, networking opportunities, peer review, pitch development, product testing and introduction to investors.

Start Innovation Hub operates from the 2nd Floor, 264 Oron Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State..


In 2014, Tony Onuk and his twin brother struggled to secure office space — a major challenge for many entrepreneurs in Uyo, Akwa Ibom at the time. When the brothers eventually got funding, they decided to deploy it into solving the needs of entrepreneurs who had similar challenges — hence the Roothub was born. Today Root Hub is recognised as one of the best hubs in South South Nigeria.

Originally launched as a co-working space — the idea was to share the burden of overheads — it metamorphosed into an incubation and acceleration hub, in response to the teeming tech community of over 80 startups in Uyo. The transition was completed in 2016.

The Roothub incubation/acceleration method includes the provision of workspace, mentorship, business advisory, allied professional services — like legal, bookkeeping branding etc — and access to funding; in the process helping businesses transform from idea to execution.

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About 5 startups are currently incubated at the Roothub.

Hubs in South South Nigeria
Root Hub Uyo


Till today, OlotuSquare remains the most vibrant tech hub in the city of Port Harcourt and has since inception transited into a community that houses lots of business and tech organisations; fueling collaboration amongst these businesses.

As an entity, OlotuSquare offers training, incubation, co-working space, research, free consultation during office hours, tech expositions, among other tech support programs. OlotuSquare houses the Google Developer Group, Port Harcourt as well as the Java User Group, Port Harcourt.

The incubation hub, which was founded by Bruce Lucas, also runs a regular radio program on Rythm FM in Bayelsa and Aspire Radio in Port Harcourt.

Delta State Innovation Hub

With its long history as an oil and agriculture producing state, Delta State finally made a glaring effort at connecting with the new era that is fueled by ICT empowerment. The result birthed what appears to be the first tech hub to be launched in Delta State.

Launched in July 2016, the Delta State Innovation Hub (DS-iHub) is not only a paradigm shift from “oil dependency to knowledge acquisition” but will be critical to the long-term economic growth and sustainability of the state through SME support and embracing technology.

Edo Innovates

government is finally joining the ICT trend with its proposed plans to launch Edo Innovates, an innovation hub.

The hub, which will be launched on 14th of June 2018, is in line with the state government’s vision to create 200,000 jobs by 2020. The hub will offer Digital Skill, business support services, startup incubation and business acceleration, mentorship, co-working spaces and entrepreneurship training

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GIG Innovation Hub

Funded by the Edwin Ajaere Foundation, the GIG Innovation hub is a GIGM CSR initiative to empower students in secondary and tertiary institutions within its immediate environment. Through an annual curriculum, participants will take courses in both web development and programming.

Participants at this hub will be primed for active participation in advanced innovative fields such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. This will power new systems and unlock unimagined possibilities.

Focus Hub

When analysing hubs in South South Nigeria, the Focus Hub Nigeria is a new technology entrepreneurship and social innovation hub based in Port-Harcourt, with a mandate to create sustainable business models to solving development challenges encountered in the Niger Delta.

As a non-profit entity, its primary objective is to act as a community centre where startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, IT developers and programmers, impact investors, students, corporate and private organisations meet and interact for the purpose of technology and knowledge transfer, mentoring, training, incubation and networking.

The ultimate objective, however, is to drive economic growth, create jobs and enhance the competitiveness of the Niger Delta.

Strategic Hub

Strategic Hub was registered with CAC on the 13th of March 2015 and started operation as a business consulting and training company in December 2015. But on13th of February 2017 Strategic Hub kicked off its Innovation Hub and Co-working Space services.

Strategic Hub exists to provide a vibrant and innovative community of entrepreneurs, tech companies, inventors, government agencies and investors working together to bring new ideas to life. The hub is located in the oil-rich city of Port Harcourt and founded by Adeosun Sheriff.

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