5 Most Expensive Laptops in Nigeria and why you should invest in them

Laptops in Nigeria
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Let’s take a look at the 5 most expensive laptops in Nigeria and why you should throw your hard earned money on such expensive gadgets.

One thing you should always remember while surfing the internet in search of laptops to buy is that a laptop is not a gadget for luxury. It is a working tool! Yes, you can use it for luxury but to all techies out there it is a working tool capable of adding value to your work.

That’s it. So if you are looking for laptops to show off to friends, you are at the right place but our intent is not to introduce to you, machines for a showoff.  We want to help you work faster and get your jobs done in a very smart and easy way.

5 Most Expensive Laptops in Nigeria

  • Apple Macbook Pro 2019
  • Apple Macbook Pro 2021
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Gen
  • Dell Xps 15 9510 Core i9
  • Dell Xps 17 9710 – 10th Gen

1. Apple Macbook Pro 2019 15 Inch Core i9 32gb Ram 1tb Ssd

Laptops in Nigeria
Image source: Konga

What is so special about this Macbook Pro that makes it price hit a whopping 2.4m naira?  Is it the SSD card that makes this personal machine pop up every time it boots without having to load or boot like your normal PC at home?


  • Macbook Pro 2019 edition
  • Apple product
  • Core i9
  • 1TB SSD 15 Inch Core i9 32gb Ram 1tb Ssd.
  • 15 Inch
  • Price ₦2,400,000.00 or $5,779.43

That’s how vendors display the spec of this ultimate personal machine.  The 1TB HDD gives you that peace of mind whenever you’re out there to work.  You don’t have to bother about your storage space in the near future only if you are buoyant enough to order for this machine.

Are there files you have in your phone and would like to share them with your PC? With a working Bluetooth device on this machine you can transfer file to and from this machine designed for your comfort just for a fee.

2. 2nd Rated most expensive Laptops in Nigeria:

Apple Macbook Pro 16″ M1 Pro Chip 16gb Ram, 1tb (2021 Model):

Laptops in Nigeria
Image gotten from Apple

Wow! Another Apple product. Let’s take a look at the specifications

  • RAM      16 GB
  • Hard Drive           1 TB
  • Graphics              VGA
  • Wireless               Wi-Fi
  • Battery Lithium-Polymer Battery
  • Number of Cores             10 Cores
  • Storage Type     SSD
  • Price: ₦2,000,000.00 or $4,778.97
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The new MacBook Pro delivers game-changing performance for pro users. With the powerful M1 Pro to supercharge pro-level workflows while getting amazing battery life. And with an immersive 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display and an array of pro ports, you can do more than ever with MacBook Pro.

I have used laptops with 4 cores and I can testify that the speed is wow! Now this evil machine comes with 10 cores and delivers up to 3.7x faster performance to fly through a pro workflows quicker than ever. Compared to its 2019 counterpart, this disrupting working tool goes for just 2m.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Gen – Intel Core I7 – 16GB RAM – 1TB: 3rd rated most expensive laptops in Nigeria

Laptops in Nigeria
Photo from Just Phones

Apple products are known to be super exorbitant but this Microsoft product offers that competitive functionalities that makes the price worth the stress. With a little above 1.9m naira this beastly machine is all yours.

Let’s check out the specification:

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Operating System            Windows 8.1
  • Graphics Processor         Intel Integrated Graphics
  • Screen size         15.4 inches
  • RAM      16 GB
  • Hard Drive           1 TB
  • Graphics              VGA
  • Number of Cores             4 Cores
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Gen – Intel Core I7, 16gb Ram, 1tb
  • Price:  ₦1,900,000.00 or $4,540.02

Did you see the price? Yes, that’s what it is – 1.9m.  Microsoft engineers are simply saying “give us 1.9m then we give you a machine to create, study, work, and play virtually anywhere. Better than ever, ultra-light Surface Pro gives you total mobile productivity, all-day battery life, plus a softer, ultra-portable design with rounded edges.

This is the best of Microsoft at your fingertips. Surface Pro works perfectly with Surface Pen, Surface Dial and Office, and runs the full Windows experience, including 3D creation tools. Enjoy fast, secured, password-free sign-in with Windows Hello. Amazing!

When it comes to personalizing machines you can give it to Microsoft. You can personalize Surface Pro and express yourself with next-generation creative tools in a choice of rich colors, including new Surface Arc Mouse, Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, and Surface Pen — with real-time writing and new tilt for artistic shading — plus enjoy on-screen support for Surface Dial

The latest edition of this machine Features a 7th generation Intel Core i7 Processor, 1 TB of storage, 16 GB RAM, and up to 13.5 hours of video playback.  Go all day with up to 13.5 hours of battery life.

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Now take a look at the series of modes you can convert this machine to.

Laptop Mode

Transform Surface Pro into Laptop Mode by opening the built-in Kickstand and adding a removable Surface Pro Signature Type Cover.

Studio Mode

Lower the Kickstand — now featuring a deeper, next-generation hinge — to place Surface Pro in Studio Mode for the perfect writing and drawing angle.

Tablet Mode

Close the Kickstand, and remove or fold Surface Pro Signature Type Cover back for a powerful, stand-alone Intel tablet.

4. Dell Xps 15 9510 -Core i9-11900h -2TB SSD -32GB -4GB Nvidia-15.6″ -3.5k -Win 10 –Touchscreen

Image gotten from 100 Mega

Here comes the Dell Technology of your dream.  Are you looking for a server or a workstation that you can throw in all your data in without fearing a bit about the storage space?

This dell offer that needed storage capacity.

  • RAM      32 MB
  • Hard Drive           1 TB
  • Graphics              VGA
  • Wireless               Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Battery Up to 9 hours
  • Operating System            Windows 10
  • Display Technology         Touch Screen
  • Number of Cores             8 Cores
  • Brand: Dell
  • Price: ₦1,900,000.00 or $4,540.02

You are about to enjoy top camera placement and a 16:10 display that features a stunning edge-to-edge view, designed to make you more productive while enjoying your money.

Display like no other: Take full advantage of HDR content’s superior dynamic range with Dolby Vision™, which can deliver colors never before seen on SDR PC displays. Dolby Vision content can deliver highlights that are up to 40 times brighter, and blacks that are up to 10 times darker.

See every detail: The 3.5K display offers pinpoint accuracy for all of your computing needs. See the detail of every pixel in photos without needing to zoom in or see more content while browsing the web.

Easy on the eyes: An Eyesafe® display reduces harmful blue light and maintains vivid color. It’s the first panel to intelligently manage light energy at the source – selectively reducing harmful blue light and dispersing it across the light spectrum.

This is an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-11900H (8 cores, 16 threads, and 24 MB fast memory cache)

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NVIDIA® Geforce® RTX 3050 Ti with 4GB GDDR6 VRAM, 2560 Shaders, Core clock 938 – 1223 (Boost) MHz, Memory speed 12000 MHz via 128 Bit Bus. 

Don’t  be scared if you couldn’t the last paragraph above.  That’s the extra features that comes with this super machine. Take charge of your future in the tech industry and that light change of 1.9m to acquire this machine.

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5. Dell Xps 17 9710 – 10th Gen – Core I9 – 1tb – 32gb – 13.4’’: 5th rated most expensive laptops in Nigeria

Image: Google Images

Here comes our last but not the least of the most expensive laptops in Nigeria.  I can confirm that once you can pay this huge amount for the gadgets I have listed here, you are bound to enjoy a smooth ride into the tech industry.

This laptop comes with the following specifications

  • Graphics Processor         Intel Integrated Graphics
  • Brand    Dell
  • Screen size         17 inches
  • Resolution (Display)        1024 x 768
  • RAM      None
  • Hard Drive           1 TB
  • Graphics              VGA
  • Wireless               Yes, Bluetooth,
  • USB Ports            Yes w/compatible KVM
  • Number of Cores             10 Cores
  • Display Technology         3D
  • Price:  ₦1,620,000 or $1,620,000

This guaranteed production tool comes with a 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9-1065G7 Processor (8MB Cache, up to 3.9 GHz). Believe me a 3.9GHz laptop is a super-fast machine.

So you don’t have any fear about booting time.  The system pops as you press the power button. Oh, don’t forget too that it comes SSD storage which makes it incredibly fast too.

You can’t get it all here in techforest. Give a trial on one of these machines and begin a new life in your career enjoying high speed systems and deliverability on your projects.

Are there other laptop systems you know that can beat the specifications you see here or could cost more than these ones?  Other visitors to this page will like to know.  So all you will do for us is to drop your comment below in the comment section so we can check out the machine you are operating too.

For me these are the most expensive laptops in Nigeria and infact any part of the world.  If you do not agree to this let’s read your opinion in the comment section.

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